We are glad you found us!

A little history: the founders and charter members are a group of seasoned wheelers that decided we wanted a Georgia club and forum that did not have to be so politically correct. With that said, we do have an area for new members and folks that are new to the offroading scene and we will not allow flaming in this area. The minimum age to join our group is 18 years old due to some of the content on the forum.

We all share the same passion for offroading, mainly rock crawling, but some of us have been known to do a little mud slinging, on and off of the trail. Starting in 2012 we will be setting up monthly rides, all of these rides will be family oriented: wives, husbands and children are all welcome. We enjoy wheeling hard, as well as the camaraderie, camping, grilling and telling lies around a camp fire.

We welcome all kinds of rigs from stock to full blown competition buggies, this will include side by side. No 4 wheelers or dirt bikes will be allowed. So if you are new, take the time to Register then introduce yourself in the Newbie thread

Mission Statement: We are a group of seasoned off roaders and welcome anyone who shares the same passion we have for our sport. We are willing to share the knowledge and experiences we have learned on the trail and in our shops with everyone. We will strive to keep this club/forum drama free, we "just wanna ride".